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Faster payment approval than regular card payments

Easy customer management and various benefits


​Blockchain and daily life together​

01. Combination of payment system and blockchain

By combining WPC's own know-how and blockchain technology in the payment system, we want to provide a new payment method that can be used in various environments without a separate infrastructure.
We are working to popularize the cryptocurrency real payment service with the goal of improving the problems faced by the existing payment market.

02. Reasonable cost

​It is possible to make payments without overseas payment fees and interest on credit card installments.

​A variety of benefits are provided and rewards are paid monthly with no additional conditions from 2% to 5% of the amount paid.

​In addition, you can withdraw cash at any time from an ATM, and there is no withdrawal fee.

03. Merchant Friendly

By inheriting WPC's unique payment know-how and merchant pool, we can provide an optimized merchant management system based on payment transactions. Through this, merchants can manage payment information and data by field and customer on the dashboard, as well as manage various events such as promotions and coupon issuance, making it easy to attract and manage new customers.


attract more customers and
​Experience profit through staking.

Affiliates can easily manage events, promotion management, customer attraction and information on one screen through WPC, view sales growth, and receive secondary profits through staking on a dedicated platform.

WPC users can receive various benefits from rewards and merchants according to a certain rate of the payment amount.


Reduce costs by streamlining the payment process

By simplifying the payment process through blockchain technology, various unnecessary fees are reduced, ​the service provider's cost burden is minimized, and various WPC uses are secured.

Providing overseas payment solutions and maximizing benefits

​We provide an integrated payment solution that enables payment processing without a separate infrastructure, focusing on developing countries with underdeveloped financial infrastructure and countries with conservative payment habits.

Use of virtual assets
Providing a variety of financial services and payment environments

It is built through WPC's Binance Smart Chain network to provide a variety of financial services, including payment and settlement, remittance and settlement.

In order to focus on the dissemination and diffusion of payment solutions and user experience, it supports payment with various virtual assets other than WPC to increase user convenience.

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